Neck Deep - "In Bloom"

Music Video Review

Neck Deep - "In Bloom"

Written By: Jasmine Licon

Vibrant & aesthetically pleasing, Neck Deep have us all in for an abstract imagery music video and we cannot stress enough how addictive "In Bloom" is.

Just like the flower visuals, this catchy tune pops out from most of Neck Deep's work. As musicians and individuals, you can truly identify and observe that our Welsh pop-punk lads are blooming like no other. Although "In Bloom" is a down-tempo for the band, musically and lyrically, it sets the overall theme and setting for the music video. The vibrant colors matches with the vibrant upbeat instruments and vocals served to us. 

Frontman, Ben Barlow, has also stated himself this tone sets the bar for the rest of their upcoming record "The Peace and The Panic".

Here's what he had to say: “In Bloom was the very first piece of music we wrote for the new album and it kickstarted the whole creative process. Originally it was written to be purely acoustic, and over time we built it out into a full band song. In many ways it set the bar and tone for the rest of the album. It’s pretty down-tempo for us, yet it builds throughout and climaxes in one of my favourite arrangements we’ve ever created.” He continues about the visuals saying, “The video is pretty different too. In the past our videos have been pretty busy, so it was cool to strip it all back and work with more abstract imagery.”  

Neck Deep keep setting the bars higher and higher for themselves and we are anxious to see what the future has in stored for them. Easily, "In Bloom" deserves a 10/10 with such a grand and colorful theme for the video and themselves. 

Don't forget, "The Peace and The Panic" drops August 18th and catch Neck Deep on their upcoming tour "The Peace and The Panic".

If you haven't checked out "In Bloom" yet, watch it down below and let us know in the comments what you think!

Posted on August 14, 2017 .