Motionless In White - Eternally Yours


Motionless In White - “Eternally Yours” 
Written by: Miguel

The release date keeps getting closer for Motionless In White’s highly anticipated upcoming album, “Graveyard Shift”, but they know how much we suffer when they keep us waiting. That’s why they have released a second song off the album and it’s everything we expected!

There’s nothing better than kicking off the song with sinister keys to reflect on the album’s title, then came in the rhythmic power chords from both Ricky Olson and Ryan Sitkowski. Chris Motionless then came in with those prominent screams for the verse, sharing a similar vibe compared their song “Carry The Torch”. The screams combined with the open guitar riffs creates a combo that will make this one of your favourite MIW tracks. That’s not all that it offer though. When the chorus hits, Chris’ clean vocals shines and it will get you singing along immediately. The last minute of the song changes things a lot as you hear Chris’ raw vocals as he sings the chorus backed up by only clean guitars. This makes the song even more unique and gives it more depth and emotion.

Not only did Motionless In White give us a well thought out production, but the lyrics are phenomenally written and it doesn't hold back. It gives us a deep message about being in love with someone, however, you do regrettable things which makes you want to start all over again. You’re ready to make a fresh start all in the name of love so you can be eternally theirs. Whether or not these lyrics are personal to either you or Chris, it speaks volumes to many people who has been through this situation, and it gives them a well produced song that they can relate to.

As expected, “Eternally Yours” unquestionably earns a solid 10 out of 10. Based on the two songs Motionless In White has released, we highly recommend you to pre-order their upcoming album if you haven’t done so already! MIW is still currently on tour with Falling In Reverse and Issues, so go check them out!

Posted on January 28, 2017 .