Motionless In White - "Eternally Yours"

Music Video Review

Motionless In White - Eternally Yours

Written by: Tori

"And in the name of love", we rest in pieces as we slowly die from the passionate, seductive, and romantic chronicles of Motionless In White. Metaphorically and physically speaking, we have not seen Chris Motionless so open. The flame longs in a coffin, the sexual tension builds as his inamorata, or lover, awaits him to arrive- the lighting of black, blue, purple, and pink. Metaphorically speaking, this may allude to the lyrics that are a theme throughout, "I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain"- the colors representing the colors of bruises, and/or pain. Yet the pink, which was the main color shown, could also play the role in the love that surrounds you, even in darkness and misery. 

Continuing to reflect on the lyrics, one may feel that it could be about imperfection yet finding bliss within someone who understands you for you. One could also take it as imperfect people setting aside their lies, past, pain, and secrets to become one- to be Eternally theirs. It was astounding lyrically if you dig deep within the context, word choice, and storyline- it is much more than lust, lies, and simple gothic-styled imagery. It is artistic, love, being human, and willing to change yourself to be better for the name of love. The video itself was the band performing in enticing lighting, followed alongside a provocative and lively appetite for piety, or devotion, to devotion and amorous love. This song receives a 10/10, with the video being a 7/10! 

Be sure to check out the music video for "Eternally Yours" below! AND Pick up YOUR copy of their new album, "Graveyard Shift" today:

Posted on May 8, 2017 .