Miley Cyrus - "Malibu"

Music Video Review

Miley Cyrus - "Malibu"

Written by: Lexie

She's back, and she's at her best! Miley Cyrus has been in and out of the music scene in recent years, and this new video is exactly what we needed! Cyrus' video for "Malibu" is yet another shift in image and sound for the singer, but this may be the greatest yet!

The song itself is a perfectly upbeat, lighthearted summer anthem, and the lyrics are uplifting and inspiring. Cyrus sings about her love for her current life in a way that is contagious and encouraging -- it's nearly impossible not to smile while listening to it! While the song shares a common motivational and victorious theme, it maintains a distinct originality that will make "Malibu" echo in your mind long after listening to it. The music is incredibly charming and inviting, making it an ideal track to blare during the upcoming warmer months. 

Accompanying this sweet song is a video that is just as moving. While simple, the video perfectly compliments the content of the song, and further emphasizes its uplifting nature. It features Cyrus in several different picturesque natural settings, soaking in the sun and endlessly smiling. She carelessly dances among nature while singing that she's never expected to be where she is now, and that "it's a brand new start...". This particular line leaves us both satisfied, but also excited to see what the future may hold for Cyrus and her music!

The vibrancy of both the song and imagery contribute to the song's overall lovely delivery, and even if you don't personally enjoy the song, the video is sure to make you smile. Because of this, "Malibu" easily receives a rating of 10 out of 10! If you haven't seen it for yourself yet, be sure to head over to Miley Cyrus' official VEVO channel, and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on May 11, 2017 .