Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head


"Mrs. Potato Head" - Melanie Martinez
Written by: Lexie

One thing we can always count on, is Melanie Martinez providing us with quality music videos that perfectly portray her powerful music. "Mrs. Potato Head" is a track about dealing with personal insecurities, particularly in regard to comparing one's-self to societal standards of beauty. The title "Mrs. Potato Head" works perfectly, as it expresses how people feel compelled to want constant control or change of their appearance, and it alludes to the youth at which this insecurity begins.

This video begins with Cry Baby -- Melanie Martinez -- watching grown women getting dolled up and aspiring to be like them. Feeling substandard, Cry Baby puts on a wig and lipstick in a desperate attempt to emulate these women. She knows her efforts are useless, and she cries.

Cry Baby continues to watch her television, and a show follows a happy, smiling couple. Though the woman in the relationship seems to be content, her desire for absolute perfection pushed her to want a facelift. This woman gets a graphic facelift and breast augmentation.

The procedure also demonstrates the source of this insecurity begins at a juvenile stage, as the breast augmentation consists of shoving tissues in her chest.

After the woman's bandages are removed, it is revealed that the procedures were botched. She no longer looks like her former self, and her boyfriend hardly recognizes the new face before him. 
Consequently, the woman's boyfriend leaves her for another woman, a natural beaut, and her surgeries were all for naught. She is left with her desired surgeries complete, yet completely alone.

Cry Baby, who's been watching, seems to understand the message behind this show, and slowly removes the wig she put on.

Overall, I'd rate this video a 10 out of 10. This video demonstrates a faulty ideal in our society, and the impacts that can potentially result. The music and imagery are equally powerful, and easy for anyone to appreciate. Haven't seen it yet? Head over to Melanie Martinez's YouTube channel, and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on December 2, 2016 .