Melanie Martinez - "Mad Hatter" 

Music Video Review

Melanie Martinez - "Mad Hatter" 

Written by: Lexie

New videos from Melanie Martinez will NEVER get old! The young singer has just released her latest video for "Mad Hatter" -- and it gets a little crazy 

In true Martinez fashion, she takes a lighthearted theme inspired by childhood, and utilizes it to express something far much darker. Martinez creates intricate metaphors that speak volumes, but are delivered through (mostly) innocent imagery. 

For this particular song, Martinez seems to be relying on the well-known fantastical nature of Alice In Wonderland to express feelings of instability. The obvious reference to the "Mad Hatter," as well as references to Alice and the "blue caterpillar" sets an overriding playful tone for the entire piece. 

The song also appears to allude to misunderstandings of mental illness, particularly through lyrics like "Where is my prescription?/Doctor, doctor please listen," and "Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong." The music similarly also finds a balance between lighthearted and grim tones. 

The video lightens the nature of the lyrical content in some ways -- including its use of pastel colors and fuzzy animals -- but reinforces the gravity of the theme by also portraying symptoms of psychosis, violence, and anxiety. 

Overall, "Mad Hatter" earns a 9 out of 10! Haven't seen the video for yourself yet? Be sure to check it out and let us know what YOU think!


Posted on September 25, 2017 and filed under Music Video Review.