Matty Mullins - Unstoppable

Music Video Review

"Unstoppable" by Matty Mullins

Written by: Karalynne


The just released lyric music video for Matty Mullins' hit single "Unstoppable (ft. Jordan Feliz)" is instantly uplifting and full of hope. In stark contrast to the work we've come to know from Mullin's band, Memphis May Fire, the video is filled with images of bright light, sunshine, and the beautiful streets of downtown Nashville. As the video dances between the scenic city streets and Mullins performing against a bright white set, the audience is captivated by Mullins' praiseworthy vocals. 


The overall tone of the video is optimistic, with a strong nod to Mullins' faith. With lyrics such as "The promise of unfailing love/a revolution led by one" and "His love is unstoppable", Mullins' holds no reservations in declaring his belief in the ability of a higher power to overcome the darkness and brokenness that our world faces. With the hooking gem "Anything is possible/I want the world to know" Mullins creates space for talking about real world struggles and crisis of faith situations. 


"Unstoppable" is immediately catchy, and has a strong Christian pop foundation. Mullins' debut solo album by the same name will be available on April 21st via Rise Records and can be preordered here: Order your copy today and enjoy the inspirational video for "Unstoppable" below! 

Posted on April 14, 2017 .