Marsalis - Marsalis EP

Album Review

"Marsalis" - Marsalis

Written by: Karalynne

Edited by: Tori


Alternative rockers, Marsalis, are blowing up the Seattle music scene with their heartbreakingly honest and raw debut EP. The self-titled EP "Marsalis" was released to critical acclaim in May 2016, and boasts clear evidence of four seasoned musicians. To our expectancy, the EP was named Album of The Year 2016 by the Northwest Music Scene and received attention through local radio play and a host of sold out shows. 

The experienced musicians of Marsalis clearly know how to ensnare an audience. With smooth vocals and detailed instrumentation, the EP draws listeners into a story of a relationship on the verge of collapse. As we travel through moments of perseverance, dedication, and eventually the realization that the damage cannot be undone, we are hit with strong emotions from every direction. This strong emotional attachment that listeners inevitably form leaves us on our toes as we await more music from the monumentally talented band. 

In what can only be achieved through years of experience, Marsalis vaunts a sound that is simultaneously mature and modern. With complex multi-layered arrangements by the uber talented Theresa Cadondon, and a strong foundation formed by the duo Adam Bishop (Bass) and Phil Gardner (drums), the stage is set for Dennis Zender's soulful vocals and guitar. Together they form a sound to rival major alternative rock acts. 

The debut Self-titled EP "Marsalis" is clearly only the beginning for this talented group of musicians. It no doubt earns a strong 10/10 stars, and like their ever growing fan base, I can't wait to see what comes next from these Seattle rockers. For more information and to get your own copy, visit!

Posted on April 13, 2017 .