Makeout - "Crazy"

Song/Music Video Review

Makeout - "Crazy"

Written by: Jasmine Licon

MAKEOUT might be new up-comers to you, but these guys have been in the game. From performing with Blink-182 to Slam Dunk Festival, it's time for these Rhode Island lads to shine on signing over to Rise Records. 

To start off, the mix and production is excellent in "Crazy" due to the fact of multi-platinum producer, John Feldman, worked with MAKEOUT for their upcoming album "The Good Life." In this Pop Punk's quartet single, the music video's setting is filled with tons of balloons kicked around and thrown all over the place as if you are living the good life. Party vibes with classic upbeats and manic condensed pop songs. However, having a relationship that makes you feel used and feel sabotage on a daily basis is no good life. Getting pleasure out of constantly playing around and acting childish towards your relationship will most likely drive you crazy. "Lovin' you is a recipe for disaster" just goes to show loving your partner can really be chaotic if it's difficult for them to stop being absurd.

"The Good Life" is sure to serve you all a treat on this new journey for the band and will be have much more punk pop sensations and astonishing anthems to be on replay constantly in this new record. Easily, this deserves a 8/10 for the band taking such a grand introduction already.

Crazy about it yet? Make sure to Pre-order MAKEOUT's debut album "The Good Life", out September 29th. Stream their single on Spotify or Apple Music and if you haven't yet, take a look at their music video for "Crazy". Let us know what you think about down in the comments.

Posted on July 18, 2017 .