Lostboy - Lilacs/Exit Asylum

Song Review

Lostboy - "Lilacs"/"Exit Asylum"
Written By: Kassandra
Edited by Tori

After re-emerging and reinventing himself, as not only a solo artist but a dark fairytale-like artist, Lostboy releases two new singles.

Both of these tracks showcase mystic vibes within tonality, lyrics, style through composition, and choice of instrumentation. 

At first listen, both songs sounded as if they'd danced directly out of a musical or an opera - proven with the extreme pitch changes and multiple voices. At other times, it seemed as if the songs were meant to be interpreted in a contemporary orchestral setting- however, that was also not the only case. 

The single voice, accompanied by a single instrument, is as simple as it gets! However, the simplicity, in this situation, sells it. The dark fantasy theme is present through the entirety of both songs. They both serve well in dark, mystical, settings as background music- perhaps right before a climax in a story; with neither song gives a build up nor downfall. They are both nearly monotone throughout. 

Lyrically speaking, they were hard to understand and hear clearly. Though, if sticking to the dark fairy tale theme, then the lyric will more than likely adhere to the same theme. 

While Lostboy is a new artist and hasn't garnered a lot of attention as of right now, his music is something new and definitely worth checking out! He earns a 6 out of 10 for his work and can't wait to see where his solo career takes him next.

Posted on February 28, 2017 .