Linkin Park - "One More Light"

Album Review

Linkin Park - “One More Light”

Written By: Karalynne

Linkin Park, the band that helped define nu-metal in the 2000s, has released their 7th studio album, “One More Light.” If you are looking for a repeat of their famed “Hybrid Theory,” this newest self-produced album isn’t it. It is however filled with traces of the same angst that so many of us related to in their earlier discography. Heavy hitting guitar riffs, emboldening screams, and formidable rap verses have been traded out for a much lighter synth-pop sound that honestly resembles nothing close to the Linkin Park we have come to know. Though the band has flirted with style changes before, they have never deviated so far from their roots as they have done with “One More Light.” The risky and bold style change has left many fans voicing their disdain, and most rock-based radio stations unwilling to play it. While “One More Light” may not be received well in the rock community, the album is turning heads in the pop and EDM demographic. The new sound is perfectly fitted for these ever-growing genres, and the success of their single “Heavy,” is clear proof that the album is gaining interest and new fans. A recent tribute performance of the title track “One More Light,” in honor of the late Chris Cornell, stands as conclusive proof that Linkin Park has not lost their ability to ensnare our emotions, despite the controversial style change. The track confronts the deeply heavy feelings of guilt, anger, loss, and remorse, despite being musically light. The contrast between the two makes for an emotionally charged song with an instant melancholy impact on the listener. Similar aspects can be found hiding throughout the album, notably in the track “Sorry For Now,” where Mike Shinoda leaves his quick lipped verses behind in exchange for a powerful apology message to his children. It is without doubt that “One More Light” was not the throwback album that fans of Linkin Park hoped it would be. It is however artistically and lyrically sound, with elements of the Linkin Park we know hidden under the surface. Be it rock or pop, it is inarguably an emotional labor, and receives 7 of 10 stars. Make sure to pick up your copy of “One More Light” and let us know which track was your favorite!


Posted on May 23, 2017 .