Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd - "Lust For Life"

Music Video Review

“Lust For Life” by Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd

Written by: Karalynne


Lana Del Rey perfectly captures Hollywood elegance in her new music video for “Lust For Life ft. The Weeknd.” In a way that only the young starlet can do, Lana seduces her audience with her sultry voice and provocative words. In a perfectly suited pairing, the ringing falsettos of Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd both compliment, and contrast, one another. With the duet alternating between them, the song carries a sentiment of lust more powerful than the track title suggests.

Though “Lust For Life” appears to be steamy conversation between lovers, it has so much more to offer listeners. The song passionately urges listeners to seize the moment and control their own destiny, proclaiming that “we’re the masters of our own fate,” and “gotta dance ‘til we die.” Mentions of dancing atop the Hollywood sign and the good dying young allude to the fragility of youth and life, and the importance of taking in the moment before it is gone. With mesmerizing nightscapes of the city and famed Hollywood attraction, “Lust For Life” captures the dark beauty of the topic, and sums it up completely with the line “and a lust for life, keeps us alive.”

Haunting, heavy, seductive, and powerful, this song spans a range of emotions deeper than surface appears. Take a moment to check it out below, and let us know what you think!

Posted on April 23, 2017 .