Kublai Khan - "B.C"

Song Review

Kublai Khan - “B.C”

Written By: Jasmine

Raw vocals, chunky riffs, and memorable grooves, Kublai Khan gives us another sensational record; along with an exotic music video for “B.C”.

In Kublai Khan’s new music video “B.C”, it touches on religion, however it can be mild to some individuals, but not others. With ancient individuals gathering up around a fire, frontman of Kublai Khan, Matt Honeycutt, explains how it’s all demonstrating the importance of history and facts through religion. “The lyrics illustrate the use of religion to extinguish indigenous people on multiple continents. Illuminating the use of religion to justify slavery and erase cultural identities and origins.” We can all also agree with Matt’s statement we have a connection and link to our ancestors. In the video, roaring flames, ancestors raging around the fire, and the frontman giving his all when singing, it sets perfectly with the overall dark theme.

Elaborating on “B.C” lyrically, Matt is trying to discuss how religion is corrupted in multiple ways. From history towards even today by human beings. Depending on what everyone’s beliefs are, this can be argued or agreed with. Moving forward, Matt also explains how whether it’s being around the fire or gathering inside a venue, we all come together for music. To release all we have inside towards music. “Moving our bodies are all core ways that we as humans release our inner energy.” Meaning, music is an outlet for many of us and we use to release our inner vitality instead of suppressing it. It flows within all of us and even back to our own ancestors. With such a strong meaning, dark themed, and in “B.C”, we are also delivered addicting rhythms and touching base with the classic breakdowns that Kublai Khan never failed to give us.

Overall, “B.C” is energetic and intense in the best possible way and is easily given a 9/10. If you haven’t yet, check out Kublai Khan’s new record “Nomad” now and pick it up today! You will not be disappointed.

Posted on October 12, 2017 .