Korn - The Serenity of Suffering


Korn - "The Serenity of Suffering"
Written by: Lexie

With an album name like "The Serenity of Suffering," one would wonder just what exactly that implies, but after listening to Korn's latest album in its entirety, it is evident that it miraculously expresses distraught themes through enjoyable music.

The album begins with "Insane," which sets the tone for the majority of the album with its brash, dark tone. This opening track emulates insanity with an erratic sound, consisting of fluctuations of tone in both instrumentals and vocals.

The next track, "Rotting in Vain," further builds the intensity of the album with a heavy, catchy groove. The dark intensity of these first two carries through the entire album, while a few tracks in particular stand out individually. "A Different World" (which features Corey Taylor) gives the album a haunting, eerie element with entrancing vocals. "Take Me" and "Die Another Night" -- in comparison to the other tracks on the album -- are relatively more upbeat, giving a slight lift toward the end of the album.

All songs have a theme that evokes hopelessness, the key variant is how each song delivers that shared theme.

I would give "The Serenity of Suffering" an 8 out of 10. Korn always manages to speak to our darker emotions, while simultaneously giving us a great track to listen to. Haven't heard the album yet? You can listen to it NOW and let us know what you think!

Posted on October 23, 2016 .