Killswitch Engage - Cut Me Loose


Killswitch Engage - Cut Me Loose
Written by: Abbey

Killswitch Engage premiered a new version of their music video “Cut Me Loose”, produced and directed this time by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn. The original video was released in February with their album “Incarnate”. The metalcore powerhouse band are celebrating the release and talking about the importance and influence of lyrics, which are definitely a contributing factor to the video!

The video starts off with a rampant fire in a dark room, seemingly ignited with a bottle of alcohol. When the vocals cut in, the camera pans to the band in the middle of the desert. Something seems a bit off with the quality of the video. There looks to be an increase on contrast which, combined with reflective shots give the illusion of a mirage in the heat and sand. The reflection and mirror-like imagery are symbolic for looking within yourself or your past, and into the inner battle that depression and suffering can bring. Moving into the chorus, the video comes back to that very same room, although this time it’s a person on fire. The man is flailing around, clawing at walls, and attempting to find an escape. As the video progresses, you learn that the fire was self ignited. The man vigorously pours a bottle of alcohol on himself and allows the flames to engulf him. This also symbolizes the constant war that is self inflicted pain and suicide, and wanting to escape. Flames are also notoriously symbolized as rebirth and a cleansing within.

The lyrics are indeed just as dark as the imagery portrayed. When asked about the meaning of the lyrics, lead singer Jesse Leach claimed the song was very personal. "There's a reason why I reference the word 'noose' in the chorus and it refers to a time when I felt suicidal. The song is about looking back on your life, taking stock of where you are and the pain that you've experienced.” The song talks about wanting to be cut loose, and the sorrow that kills us and tears us into pieces. It speaks on the hopelessness of tomorrow and weaknesses that chain us down, like a noose. However, if we allow ourselves to break free of the noose, to self reflect and move forward, we can salvage our minds and our sanity and save ourselves.

Overall the meaning behind the song ties into the video beautifully. It’s a creative twist on the original video, and allows us to see the song through a different lens. "Cut Me Loose" was beautifully directed and a pleasure to watch! Check out the video on The Talkhouse and let us know what you think!

Posted on November 21, 2016 .