Kesha - "Rainbow"

Music Video Review

Kesha - "Rainbow"

Written by: Lexie

Kesha just keeps bringing us nothing but the best! In her latest music video for her song "Rainbow," we see Kesha pry her soul open and show us she's truly back, stronger than ever. 

The song itself is just gorgeous, uplifting, and -- unsurprisingly -- colorful. It begins with addressing how hardships have once darkened her, and how she is now able to remain positive and inspired by the world around her. The vocals are powerful and dynamic, beautifully articulating the song's overall message. Heavenly instrumentals accompany Kesha's talents, enforcing a peaceful and comforting tone. 

The video is thoughtfully put together, as it focuses on the inspiration behind the song. Similarly to the nature of the song itself, Kesha makes it a point to be as colorful as possible. Her hair and clothes are a light shade of pink, emphasizing the contrast of her new self and old self. She passionately sings the piece while everyone around her in the recording studio shares her enthusiasm and commitment to the track.

Overall, the video and track are incredibly inspiring and moving -- they will fill you with emotion, and allow you to see just a glimpse of what this powerful woman has accomplished in recent years; because of its sentiment and uplifting nature, this video earns a 10 out of 10. Let us know what YOU think of the video!

Posted on August 11, 2017 .