Juliet Simms - Trouble Finds You

Music Video Review

Juliet Simms - "Trouble Finds You"
Written by: Tori

Saucy, isnt she? 😉Rebellious, bold, and stylin', the stunning Juliet Simms releases her music video for her track, "Trouble Finds You", off of her underrated brilliance, "From the Grave" EP. With rock n roll attitude and grace, the Queen takes a royal stroll through the city. Though the video is very simple, it is artistic and expressive. As she struts about, we hear tasty hooks, garage rock vibes, and tasteful unorthodox flow.

This track is FULL of imagery, as transparent as it may seem. Cautious, Juliet construes the ability of metaphorical darkness being able to follow you even when the wreckage has already been done. One could interpret it as coming from a troubled situation with little residue left, but it having the power to restore, diffuse, and enlarge- enough for a blade of an ash to burn up the sky. She then explains to "say your prayers tonight", revealing the difficulty of obstacles almost metaphorically needing supernatural help, in hope for tribulations to diminish.

The song has a very Artic Monkeys-meets-female-classic-rock vibe. Her famous, flourishing and powerful, raspy voice is at its finest. It's hard not to love this track. She is playful, aggressive, and booming with character! It might get a little repetitive, but that's not necessarily a weakness- being representative of darkness reoccurring and reappearing.

For lovers of Juliet Simms (and Automatic Loveletter), Artic Monkeys, and the Black Keys.
Though this track, specifically, can be compared to a few artists, Juliet's talent is unique and she truly knows how to capture the classic rock vibe in a new, present day, way!
Prepare for goosebumps and adrenaline- rating 9 out of 10. Check it out and be sure to grab a copy of her EP, "From the Grave"!

Posted on February 26, 2017 .