Juliet Simms - My Last Whiskey Tears


Juliet Simms - "My Last Whiskey Tears (Official Piano Version)"
Written by: Lexie

Whether or not you're a devoted Juliet Simms fan, you will love this bare-boned, soul-bearing version of her track "My Last Whiskey Tears."

While the original was moving, its upbeat and animated sound gave it a tone of empowerment; Simms sang confidently, seeming to portray a strong abandonment of finding comfort in alcohol use. This version, however, addresses a darker reality to quitting alcohol's temporary fix to hardships. Simms utilizes a haunting, chilling sound that vastly contrasts to the original version. This version is pained, and gives a sense of pleading of oneself to strive for better. The lyrics still manage to portray a sight of hope, as they recall how "sober eyes see so clear."

Accompanying this track is a simple video, complied of photos of Simms from all stages of her life. Though there is no blatant theme to the selection of pictures, they seem to portray times of innocence or confidence, further encouraging the sense of hope and growth.

Toward the end of the song, Simms' full potential as a vocalist is showcased. The sound is raw, emotional, and heart-wrenching. The immense power in her voice shatters the barrier between her music and her audience -- allowing them to experience the full effect of her intended message. Fans have already expressed how the song has moved them, and it is sure to reach many more in the same way.

Easily, this song receives a rating of 10 out of 10; the vulnerability and strength simultaneously portrayed in this piece make it an incredibly success work of art. If you haven't already, we urge you to listen to this song for yourself on Juliet Simms' official YouTube channel, and let us know what you think ❤

Posted on January 28, 2017 .