In This Moment - OH LORD

Music Video Review

In This Moment - OH LORD

Written by: Tori

Welcome to the cult, darlings! In This Moment play "sorry not sorry" as they ask for clemency and sympathy in continuation to walk in the path of sin. With Christian imagery of baptism and the story of God, they build a tale to reflect a place where one may feel lost in their continuous mistakes and are in search for improvement and assistance.

Though it may not directly be a God they are asking forgiveness in, it was golden symbolism. Lyrics are simple, yet pose a contentious topic and raise a controversial conversation. It delineates something we all mayfeel inside- where our morality lies in the actions and choices we may indulge in; posing the question of if we can even forgive ourselves for the "wrong" choices we've made. One may feel that the video mirrors the Crucible. Orbs, runned-down field home, and being occupied with an inner demon- Salem vibes yet?

Step aside Sanderson sisters... we've got a new bad witch in town  Check out ITM's brand new music video, "Oh Lord": to get a taste for what's in store to be released July 21st, in their upcoming album, "Ritual". This video and track gets a slaying 10/10! Beautiful work!

Posted on May 17, 2017 .