Ice Nine Kills - Nature of the Beast

Music Video Review
Ice Nine Kills - “Nature of the Beast”
Written by: Miguel

If you need some spookiness in your life, then Ice Nine Kills’ music video for the song “Nature of the Beast” was made just for you.

The song itself is inspired by the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell and that alone immediately sets high expectations for the video. The last two music videos Ice Nine Kills released uniquely followed the plots of the books they were inspired by, so we know Ice Nine Kills won't fail us with this one.

As expected, INK hit the mark with this new music video. The ominous dark theme of the video translated perfectly when comparing it with the book. The costumes and atmosphere of the video were all on point and the way INK envisioned this video takes the plot up a notch. The colour grading suited the eerie and gruesome tone of the story and to top it all off, the song is absolutely amazing.

The strongest part of the video comes in at the end where Spencer Charnas sings “Where is the end? What have we done? We’re what we swore we’d not become. Despite intent a noble heart still bleeds. Time goes on and history repeats”. Without spoiling the ending plot of music video, these specific lyrics and the plot of the story are very relatable in the world today. Some people may fight for what’s right but in the end, they become the people they once hated.

This music video is a must watch and it gets a perfect 10 out of 10. Check out their previous music videos for “Hell In The Hallways” and “Communion of the Cursed” if you haven't done so already! Unfortunately this will be the last music video from their latest album “Every Trick In The Book” but we know their new music videos for their upcoming album will continue amaze us. Don’t forget to catch Ice Nine Kills on their current tour with Chelsea Grin!

Posted on March 28, 2017 .