I See Stars - Calm Snow


“Calm Snow” - I See Stars
Written by: Miguel

Many people out there have been lied to countlessly throughout their life by their loved one and I See Stars has put together a stunning and artistic video, produced by Scissor Films, for their song, “Calm Snow” to express this theme.

The video opened with a slow downwards pan of a snowy dark environment where we are greeted by a crowd of people surrounding vocalist, Devin Oliver, and his partner. The verse is slow and the video reflects on this by showing Devin singing while the crowd of people walks around him.

The pre-chorus changes things up by freezing the motion of both the crowd and the snow, and Devin and his partner stares at each other while holding a bow and arrow. Devin is then shot in his heart, symbolizing the heartbreak he feels.

As the chorus kicks off, he appears in a forest surrounded by dark shadowy amorphic beings, possibly representing all the dark lies, and Devin was constantly being chased by them. He then enters a room where he witnesses himself showing love to his loved one, but despite all that, he notices her possessed by all the lies and she then turns into a flock of black birds as he touches her. The editing is superbly done in this scene and the transition between the backgrounds are flawless. When Devin catches up with her on top of a mountain, they held hands and they both fell off together, embodying their love for one another and forgetting about the lies. There are also a few shots of the other band members performing the song, but the video is heavily focused on the story of the song.

It’s not often you’ll come across a music video with such high production value but I See Stars wowed their fans. The colour grading, the editing, and everything else is top of the line quality and it keeps you hooked throughout. This music video unquestionably gets a 10 out of 10. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, then head on over to Sumerian Records’ YouTube channel to be amazed!

Posted on December 13, 2016 .