I Prevail - Lifelines


I Prevail - "Lifelines"
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Miguel

The much anticipated wait for I Prevail's debut album is finally over! 'Lifelines' dropped at midnight last night! The album should have been called 'Shivers' because that's what it induces upon listening to it, it's that good!

'Scars' was the perfect way to start the album. Everyone has scars and the message is to wear them proudly. It's a reminder that you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you and it's the ultimate song of empowerment.

'Stuck in Your Head' is the embodiment of a great come back. It's the story of an awful compromise during a lover's quarrel, but it's the perfect sing-along to boost your mood! 🎵You're not the one I want in my bed, I'm not the song you want stuck in your head!🎵

Anybody who hears 'Lifelines' can understand why the band chose this song to be the title of their debut album. The heartfelt message hits home, and you can tell through the lyrics how personal their journey has been. They left everything they knew in Michigan, but the 'Lifelines' they're referring to keep them tethered to their roots.

'Come and Get It', 'Alone', and 'One More Time' are all personal favorites. 'Come and Get It' has a tone that is intense, but it was a "feel good" song. It will get fans excited and keep them actively engaged. 'Alone' is something I never expected from a heavy-metal band. It's a melancholy power ballad that tugs at your heartstrings. 'One More Time' went the opposite way of typical hard songs. It started out heavy, then faded into softer tone. It's a brilliant track fans will love

'Chaos', 'Rise', 'Already Dead', and 'Pull the Plug' are excellent filler songs for this album. They could easily stand alone, but compared to the other songs mentioned, these felt a bit out of place for this particular record.

TWO POWER BALLADS ON ONE ALBUM?! My heart almost can't take it! The emotional connections within 'My Heart I Surrender' is nearly overwhelming, but in such a great way. I can't get enough of it, and the fans won't either.

Closing the record is 'Worst Part of Me'. It's an interesting choice and it brings the saying "save the best for last" to mind. If that were true, every song on this album would be last! The song shows that the band has put their blood, sweat, and tears into the making of this album. That alone speaks to epic proportions.

Overall, 'Lifelines' is a masterpiece. I Prevail put themselves on the map with a cover song, now they are taking the world by storm with their own sound and style. Each track creates a cohesive piece that all comes together to create this album. I Prevail earns a solid ten out of ten for putting their hearts on their sleeves and exposing their story to the fans

Posted on October 21, 2016 .