I Prevail - "Alone"

Song Review

I Prevail - "Alone"

Written By: Kass

I Prevail is back and tugging on our heartstrings with their newest music video for their song "Alone", off their album, "Lifelines". The lyrics themselves spin a sad tale that have us hating whoever hurt them this badly. We can all agree that someone leaving us while being madly in love with them is painful - but that's not what this song turns out to be at all. Grab your tissues because you're about to board the pain train, and not the physical one.

As the video plays, we catch a glimpse of what seems to be society's definition of a 'normal' couple doing couple things. They curl up on the couch, drink a glass of wine, go star gazing from the hood of a car, etc. Now, drop those angst-ridden sad lyrics on top of that and now you have a modern day tragedy. The girl and the guy begin to grow apart even though they are completely enamored and consumed with one another. As time goes on, they grow apart and begin to realize that they were so caught up in each other that they had time for nothing else and it was driving a wedge between them. By the end of the video, it shows the girl leaving the apartment with her suitcase and you know they're breaking up. As she steps out into the road to cross it, the blinding headlights are all you see. The lyrics become clearer in the meaning as the man is shown lying a single red rose and a letter he wrote (which are actually the lyrics to the song) by a headstone.

Hello, tearjerker! Complete with powerful melancholy lyrics, perfect contrast in highs and lows with a literally killer idea, I Prevail knows how to deliver an epic and tragic modern tale. While we hope this isn't based on a true story, this is video is to die for. They earn a solid 10 out of 10 for "Alone"!

Posted on September 14, 2017 and filed under Song Review.