High Wire - "Different Places"

EP Review

High Wire - "Different Places"

Written by: Lexie

Admit it -- it wasn't just a phase! We ALL had a time in our lives where pop-punk bands completely took over our playlists, and you're lying if you don't still have a soft spot for them!

Hailing from Chicago, High Wire is here to bring you the exact kind of music that you've been missing from your life -- throwing you back to some of your past pop-punk loves, while also offering originality that keeps them distinct from the rest!

High Wire's upcoming EP "Different Places" will have you blaring the tracks from your speakers, and jamming along in no time! As soon as the EP opens with "Count On Me," you will immediately be transported back to days of obsessing over old Fall Out Boy hits. This track sets the overall tone for the rest of the album, with its powerful vocals and upbeat instrumentals that deliver emotive lyrics. "Count On Me," similarly to the rest of the songs on the EP, express harsh life realities, particularly in regard to our relationships with others. The high energy present in the opening of this EP is carried throughout the next two tracks, "Empty Room" and "Different Places," already making this EP impossible to pause. "Different Places" will have you feeling pumped and heartbroken all at the same time, as the track acknowledges something that most break-up songs do not: that a relationship can simply just become dissonant, and there's no need to force things to work out.

The next two tracks, "Nothing Left To Lose"and "Something In The Way," appropriately shift the tone of the EP, as they evoke senses of hope and motivation -- the two things that people look for following heartbreak. The last track of the EP, "That Was Then, This Is Now," ends the EP on an incredibly strong note, as it showcases the true uniqueness and ability of this band. This track easily stands from the rest with its energy, and listeners are guaranteed to love it!

Overall, this EP has met the wants and needs of all pop-punk lovers -- earning it a perfect 10 out of 10! Want to hear it for yourself? "Different Places" will be released on September 8th -- so mark your calendars! If you really want the full pop-punk experience, be sure to catch High Wire on their tour later this month -- starting August 22nd!

Posted on August 11, 2017 .