Green Day - Still Breathing


Green Day - "Still Breathing"
Written by: Lexie

Having a rough day? Well, hang in there and keep breathing!
Today, Green Day released their music video for their track, "Still Breathing," and it definitely has a message that everyone could relate to: in times of struggle or hardships, continue to push forward and find the strength to overcome.

Though the song's message is encouraging and enthusiastic, the video is actually pretty simple in its content — there is no monumental shift in the plot, no great climax. Though this, in most cases, would make for an uninteresting video, this set-up works for the song's overall message, since it is encouraging the idea that one does not need something big or monumental to happen in order to find strength -- it is accessible at any time, if we manage to pull it from beneath the surface.

The video portrays several characters that seem contemplative of their lives. None of them appear to be satisfied with their current situation, and they each take time to ponder. A your boy talks a stroll, a woman wanders through the woods, and a man goes for a calming ride, among others; all of them try to find their own source of motivation and happiness. For the boy, he takes comfort in playing baseball, while an older woman finds peace in a photo of loved ones.

The video emphasize's the uplifting song's message of finding the drive to go on, and surpass obstacles. Even when life hits its rough patches, there is always reason to keep moving forward and living life to its fullest. The upbeat music keeps the tone of the video lighthearted, while also reminding the audience that these characters are fighting to maintain their own happiness and drive in life.

Overall, I would rate this piece an 8 out of 10, for its lovely message and heartening video. Haven't checked it out yet? Head on over to Green Day's YouTube channel and let us know what YOU think! If you like what you hear, you can purchase/listen to the rest of Green Day's latest album, "Revolution Radio", TODAY!

Posted on November 7, 2016 .