Green Day - Ordinary World


Green Day - “Ordinary World”
Written by: Miguel

Green Day released their latest album earlier this month but one song in particular remained under our radar because the movie, “Ordinary World”, that stars Billie Joe Armstrong, was just released in theaters. The track, “Ordinary World”, while released on the band’s album, “Revolution Radio”, mostly pertains to the movie and they both share the same title.

The song is a slow acoustic ballad with well articulated notes and chords and it also shows the mellow side of Billie’s vocals. While it's a simplistic (in a good way) and memorable song, it tends to be a bit repetitive at times. This goes hand in hand with the overall meaning of the song and movie however, because it's an ordinary song for an ordinary world.

The lyrics does not offer much content on its own, but paired with the upcoming movie’s trailer, it makes sense. In the movie, Billie plays the character Perry, who was a former musician but now needs to adjust to his new life as an ordinary person in an ordinary world. The verses consists of the many questions that Billie (Perry) struggles to find the answer to while living his ordinary life in the movie.The movie plays a big part in the lyricism of this song, so you can only fully appreciate it by watching the movie.

The song, “Ordinary World”, gets a 7.5 out of 10. It’s a simple and memorable song that shows the softer side of Billie, and it goes perfectly with the movie. “Revolution Radio” is out now so be sure to pick that up and take a look at our album review! Don't forget to also check out the movie, “Ordinary World”, currently in theaters and digital HD.

Posted on October 14, 2016 .