Good Charlotte - "Keep Swingin'" ft. Kellin Quinn

Music Video Review

Good Charlotte - "Keep Swingin'" ft. Kellin Quinn

Written by: Lexie

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in trying to appease others and risk losing sight of what we truly want to do -- and we're not alone! Good Charlotte and Kellin Quinn have brought us a song and video that will remind you to always choose your own direction!

The song itself stays true to Good Charlotte's beloved pop-punk style, and enthusiastically encourages audiences to be an authentic version of themselves and disregard what anyone else has to say about it; the lyrics seem to address the struggle of being a performer that wishes to please everyone, but realizing that it's only important to do what is personally desired -- a theme that can speak to any individual. The addition of Kellin Quinn's voice initially feels like a stark contrast to the rest of the song's sound, but later seamlessly blends with it, and only further adds to the song's uplifting delivery. 

Just like the content of the song, the video's overall theme is about being the truest form of oneself, instead of being shaped by the opinions of others. This is conveyed through the use of footage from live shows, as well as cheerful backstage scenes. Both Good Charlotte and Kellin Quinn are featured smiling, doing what they love, and fully immersed in their lives as performers. The clips from behind-the-scenes adds a tender sentiment to the song and visuals, and makes the message so much more personal and relatable. 

The song and video come together to be both encouraging and empowering; the music will motivate you, while the imagery will drive the message home. Whether you're an old or new Good Charlotte fan, you're bound to appreciate this track and video! Overall, "Keep Swingin'" earns a 7 out of 10! 

If you haven't heard it for yourself yet, be sure to Good Charlotte's VEVO and let us know what YOU think!


Posted on June 10, 2017 .