Glass Mansions - NIGHTSWIMMING


Glass Mansions - “NIGHTSWIMMING”
Written by: Miguel

It’s not often you come across bands that will immediately spark your interest, but the up and coming electropop/ rock band, Glass Mansions, will hook you in - especially if you’re a electropop fan. There are times where you feel lost in the world around you, and Glass Mansions understands this without a doubt. They released a new music video for their latest single “NIGHTSWIMMING” to address the feelings in this situation.

When it comes to the sound, Glass Mansions will not let you down. The beginning gives you a catchy upbeat tune when all the instruments kick in, then it transitions into vocalist, Jayna Doyle’s passionate vocals. “NIGHTSWIMMING” will grab your attention throughout the song, whether it's the electronic sounds, vocals, or just the overall melodies. This also translated smoothly into the video.

The music video has two aspects to it. One where the band is performing the song so you can experience the energy when it comes to their performance, and another that shows the more meaningful side to reflect on the song’s motif.

According to Glass Mansions, “This song is about being lost in the unknown, embracing it, and finding strength in knowing that it's okay to let yourself get lost". The video does portray this theme by showing Jayna laying in a pool as she stares up into the dark sky. This also gives a perfect representation of the song's title, “NIGHTSWIMMING”. She feels lost while floating in the pool, but she rather embrace it to feel as if she's swimming. The music video and song creates a perfect package if you’re looking for a meaningful and relatable song, or even just a song to add to your playlist.

Glass Mansions has done a wonderful job on this music video as it captures the feelings and emotions of the theme, and the added shots of the band performing boosted the overall video with the energetic vibes. “NIGHTSWIMMING” gets an 9 out of 10. Check out the music video down below!

Posted on February 9, 2017 .