Glass House Point - "Creatures"

'Creatures' - @glasshousepoint
Written By: Kass
Edited By: Tori

Need something new to close out your summer with? We have the perfect thing for you! Indie rock band, Glass House Point, recently released their single titled, 'Creatures'. Mellowed out, it's an easy flowing tune that will have you nodding your head and swaying your shoulders.

With beautiful instrumentals, clear and concise vocals, and lyrics that transport you on a uncomfortable journey. What makes it uncomfortable is that concepts such as moving on, and loss are hard to talk about. They're subjects that nobody feels 100% content in being open about. This song has something that everyone will love. Even if it isn't your style -- it's bound to fit your taste! The instrumental breakdowns showcase the band's talent and skills, while the vocals give a glimpse into the singer's soul. 'Creatures' dips into human nature and how painful it is to move forward with everyone in your life moving into separate directions. Lyrically, the song observes the past and the immediate future while conjuring up questions related to love and loss.

The strumming of the guitar offers simplicity, and it will allow new listeners to find a newfound love and appreciation for a simpler tune with deeper cutting emotions in dynamics.The lyrics coorelate to the song title because creatures can refer to the ugly, unknown, or changes people have become or taken on, being unfamiliar to what someone knew before. The lyrics spin a story that's easy to follow and even easier to get lost in. Musically speaking, this song is full of incisive harmonies, synths, and string combinations.

The lead singer's smooth voice gives the track that wow factor. This song gives us a little bit of pop into the mix, yet keeping in touch with its indie rock roots.

There is no doubt that Glass House Point will be the hot topic of the Indie rock world, once people hear this track. The band is well on their way to defining their sound and establishing themselves in that world.

'Creatures' earns an 8 out of 10 for their single! Be sure to grab their EP, 'Think Fast; It's Gone', to get some more of this genius work- available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and anywhere music is sold or streamed! Also, be sure to catch the band on tour later this month starting 8/4 through 8/27!

Posted on August 12, 2017 .