Farewell, My Love - Maybe I

Music Video Review

Farewell, My Love - "Maybe I"
Written by: Tori

Do your dreams awaken your motivation to climb higher? Farewell, My Love release a BRAND NEW music video, for a single off of their BRAND NEW album "Above It All", for "Maybe I". Lead singer, Chad Kowal, wakes up late realizing he has a show to get to... across the country!

On his trip, he sees vision of his band mates, Robby Creasey, London Mckuffey, and Charlee Conley, in many cities as they play "Maybe I" through his fast-paced journey to get to the stage on time. Lighthearted, fun, and uplifting, like the song, the video amalgamates that theme promisingly! Although the video doesn't match all too well with the lyrics, besides running and forgetfulness, it's a great, creative, and astounding video! It's film-like, which was really entertaining and kept my attention throughout the entirety of the music video.

I personally would've had another take on it and felt like, for this particular song, I would've done a different story to the video to relate more to the lyrics; but it still was a kick ass video, to say the least. "Maybe I" is a track for those needing the encouragement to accomplish reaching their greatest potential. Maybe you can you can reach and touch the sky, with that beautiful passionate glimmer in your eyes.

FML continues to build the hype with their greatest album yet! Above It All, their latest work, can be found on Spotify, CRCL records YouTube page, the official FML website (www.fmlofficial.com), iTunes, and GooglePlay. Personally, is absolutely one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE albums, and definitely recommend giving it a listen/buy! 

☄☄☄Watch the video here:

Posted on February 12, 2017 .