Farewell, My Love - Inside A Nightmare


Farewell, My Love - "Inside A Nightmare"
By: Kass and Tori

What happens when your nightmares come to life?! They become cute cartoons that bring your worst fears to light and all others out of sight.

Farewell My Love, today, has released their newest music video via Loudwire today, for "Inside A Nightmare" off of their brand new album "Above It All"! The successors has given fans a video that is winsomely horrific. Is cute what they aim for?! Let's talk about those real psychological horrors for a bit... fears of drowning, spiders, snakes, and mutations of the things we hold close to us.. we all have our biggest fears.

Complimenting the video, the lyrics explain how our minds are "running away", fearing what may come next, or what results may be haunting us. We may appear as if we're living well but we all have our hard stories to tell and live through, our nightmares.

With it being only 2 weeks until Halloween, what a better time to unveil a spooktacular video! Everybody has valid fears, and Farewell has highlighted a few of those. (And let's not forget that ADORABLE little cartoon kitty! Was that a nod to the Kitty Krew, guys? 😏😉

Easily earning an adorable 10/10! For the quality of heavy guitars, flaring solos, edgy, quick, and loud drumming dynamics and stylistic approach, and not to forget to mention the adorable cartoon story that went along with the wonderful track🔥👌 Get "Inside A Nightmare" through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and/or on FML's brand new album, "Above It All", all can be found through fmlofficial.com!

Posted on October 18, 2016 .