Falling In Reverse - Loser


Falling In Reverse - "Loser"
Written by: Tori

Damaged goods couldn't sound any better 😏 FIR may be stuck in a predicament within this track, but it's no question on whether or not to love "Loser"- simply the answer is a pre-order of the brand new album, a ticket to The End Is Here Tour, and sacrificing your soul to the pop rock gods for they've given us our new favorite track. Falling In Reverse's brand new single, off their soon-to-be released album, "Coming Home", out April 7th, is a winner!

Stuck in a lose-lose situation, FIR gush about the difficulty of being stuck in a relationship that tugs your emotions in every direction- mischievously creating contrast to all prior beliefs of what you felt was right. Where you may feel that no matter what you do to please someone, you're doing it all wrong and they're not satisfied - being a loser in each situation. We not only understand this through the lyrics, but the strong dynamics within Ronnie's imperfect screams *purposely done to create effect and prove the huffing and puffing exhaustion and frustration of the situation. While also expressed within the punching guitars of how gut twisting and fiery this event may feel.

Falling surprise us with a striking and bubbly-pop beginning with playful drums, synth, and guitars. But they remain true to themselves, as you see when they get their rockin elements kicking by the chorus. Not to forget to mention the unexpected orchestral elements- Yes! An orchestra, pop, and rock mix! With this track, FIR prove their authenticity while providing a message we all can relate to.

Easily scoring high, we rate this track a 10/10. High quality mixing, production on point, lyrics were relatable and catchy, while all in all instrumental talent was proven in dynamics, phrasing, and clever skills, and never failing to touch on the great and emotive guitar solos and harmonies!

CHECK OUT THE TRACK, AND KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, APRIL'S COMING SOON- Start the countdown now! Don't forget to also grab a ticket to The End Is Here Tour to see FIR slay the stage, alongside Motionless In White, Dangerkids, Dead Girls Academy, and ISSUES!

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Posted on January 23, 2017 .