Falling in Reverse - Coming Home

Music Video Review

Falling in Reverse - "Coming Home"

Written by: Lexie

Looking for something -- quite literally -- out of this world?  Then you need to check out Falling in Reverse's latest music video for their track, "Coming Home"!

Considering the song itself, the sound is both passionate and uplifting, as vocalist Ronnie Radke sings of "holding on," as well as overcoming fears and old "scars." The lyrical content and overall tone of this song are nicely matched with a simple -- yet effective -- video. 

The video shifts between glimpses of Radke performing the song and scenes of an astronaut aimlessly floating through space. This fantastical imagery adds to the beauty of the overall piece, as well as emphasizes the universality of the empowering theme. The astronaut and the calming nature of its unknown journey seems to symbolize the need for people to take a moment to take care of themselves. 

Considering both the song and imagery of the video, the overall piece earns a 7 out of 10. Audiences are sure to appreciate the positive message of this song, and many may be able to relate. Haven't seen this video yet for yourself? Be sure to head over to Falling in Reverse's official YouTube channel to check it out! Let us know what YOU think!

Posted on April 5, 2017 .