Falling in Reverse - Coming Home

Album Review

Falling in Reverse - "Coming Home"

Written by: Karalynne

The highly anticipated new album from Falling In Reverse, Coming Home, has blasted into the scene to a host of mixed reactions from their fans. While Ronnie Radke is known for his emotionally driven lyrics and content, this angst filled album is unlike anything we've seen from the band before.

The use of synths and digital elements in the album's production is the real standout difference from Falling In Reverse's previous releases. Other notable changes include the band's use of minor chords, layered harmonies, and a distinct lack of the sarcastic inflection that we are used to hearing in Radke's vocals. While Coming Home is not what fans were expecting, it is a solid album that takes it's listeners on an emotional journey with a sound that is a reminiscent mix of older Escape The Fate and Simple Plan. The album showcases Radke's strength as a lyricist and as a vocalist, with increased use of melodic vocals and very little of the screams we have seen in previous work. All of these changes lend to a more radio rock feel from the post-hardcore band, a change that is being met with some opposition.

While accepting that our favorite bands sometimes make style changes is hard, these changes should come as no surprise to long time fans of the band. Over the years we have all watched as Radke experimented with everything from pop punk and hip hop to metal-core styles. For fans looking for a taste of older Falling In Reverse, make sure to check out track number 9, "Strait to Hell." The song features a more traditional heavy sound in both the guitars and vocals, and a slightly less digital feel. It's definitely a solid track for new and old fans alike.

All in all, Coming Home is a well produced album that truly shows a new level of maturity and talent, is a solid 7/10 stars, and is available for purchase online and at major retailers now!

Posted on April 11, 2017 .