Falling In Reverse - Broken

Song Review

Falling In Reverse - “Broken”
Written by: Miguel

We all know Falling In Reverse is changing up their sound for their upcoming album, “Coming Home”, and their latest song “Broken” proves that the change, while different, is actually a good thing.

The song uses contrasting elements to further deepen the overall tone of the song. The intro starts of with synths then transitioned to the verse while Ronnie sings softly backed up by an airy clean guitar. While there obviously aren’t any screams like in their older albums, Ronnie showed the raw power of his vocals in “Broken”. During the choruses, his vocals shines as he sings the words “broken” and “chosen”. The instrumental work is simple but in a song like this, there's no need for anything too complex.

Lyrically, the writing is visionary and a step out of the box. The creativity in the writing enhances the song and it helps create an artistic picture. When trying to understand the true meaning of the lyrics, one can interpret it in many ways. On one hand, it could be about a broken relationship. On the other hand, it could be about a person being introduced to war and because of it, their “world is spinning off its course”. Following those lyrics, Ronnie then vocalizes, “Like a phoenix from the ashes, I have risen”. This suggests that despite all the problems, he is able to break free and come back stronger than ever. However you want to interpret it, the lyrics are uplifting.

Falling In Reverse gets a 10 out of 10 for “Broken”. Their heavier side of FIR will be missed but the overall catchiness and raw power of these songs make up for it! Go check out “Broken” down below. Who else is excited for “Coming Home”??

Posted on March 22, 2017 .