Escape The Fate - Breaking Me Down


Escape The Fate - 'Breaking Me Down'
Written by: Kass

The latest music video for Escape The Fate's 'Bring Me Down' has dropped today.(Trigger Warning: addiction, alcoholism, overdose, depression, and suicide.)Please read with caution.

Escape the Fate has given us a hard dose of reality with their newest video. Addiction, alcoholism, overdose, depression, and suicide. These controversial topics effect millions of people everyday and there are important messages that follow with each.
The video opens to a heartbreaking scene that is the sad reality for too many people. A young boy, presumably in his early to mid teens, stands at the kitchen sink, pouring a bottle of alcohol down the drain.

He proceeds to his mother's bedroom to find her passed out on the bed. He sets a glass of water and tablets for a hangover on the nightstand, then he leaves. Later, it shows him at the kitchen table, eating his breakfast. In the space across from him is a plate full of food for his mom.

Seconds later, she emerges from the bedroom and takes a seat across from him. She takes one look at the food and pushes the plate away from her. It upsets her son, causing him to get up and leave the house.

The scene shows clips of the boy driving around, crying over the reality of what he has to live with. Meanwhile, at home, another heart-wrenching scene unfolds. The woman is standing in front of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and she opens a pill bottle. She dumps a handful of pills into her hand and swallows them.
Later, the son returns home to find what he thinks is his mom passed out on the floor from excessive drinking. He picks her up, places her in bed, and tucks her in before going to bed himself. Morning comes again, and the boy gets out of bed to start the routine of getting his mom up.

Stepping into the room, he begins to shake her awake, but she doesn't move. He begins to call for her and shake her body, but she lies stalk-still, lifeless.

As the story unfolds, clips of the band performing the song filled in the gaps throughout the entire video. There were no metaphorical or underlying messages in this video. It was all straightforward. ETF earns a definite 10 out of 10 for this powerful message.

P.S.- The band and BFC encourage those who need help, to please reach out. There ARE resources available. Below are links to websites with phone numbers to hotlines. 
Suicide Prevention-
Depression Hotline-

Posted on November 8, 2016 .