Dianthus - While We Live

Song Review

"WHILE WE LIVE" - Dianthus

Written by: Tori

A Dianthus flower blooms so delicate and beautiful, but these two flowers are anything but delicate. Metal and elegant, Jessica and Jackie, the two beauties who form Dianthus, slay faces off with a brand new track, "While We Live"! Snuffing drums, slaughtering the kit, followed with ripping riffs, and heaviness all around- you wonder where this band has been your entire metalhead life?! Jackie, lead vocalist, has sassy, dark, and eloquent dynamics and lyrics that fit the heavy instrumentation. Jessica, drummer, cleanly slays your existence with fast and furious accents and comps other melodic features present. Jessica also showcases her backing vocals, as they harmonize complimentary to Jackie's soulful voice.
The story presents a message to move forward, make the most of your life, and take it for all it is. To also question yourself in "what called you to stopping your tracks?", motivating one to better their life, not regretting or reflecting too much on the past, while you're living. While also explaining a desire to remove pain, but later learning to just take life for all it is, and just moving past agony.
They ARE cutting-edge, they are ARE new metal that truly reinvents the metal scene, and they ARE the next breakthrough. These ladies easily earn a perfect 10 out of 10!
Are you late to the party, on hearing about Dianthus? Say no more... check their music out on SoundCloud, YouTube, & iTunes!

iTunes: itun.es/us/cnc-hb
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCag-UC2FlmiCrjotoY5SukQ
or @dianthusband
Instagram/Facebook : @dianthusofficial
Twitter: @DianthusMetal
Website: https://www.dianthusofficial.com/band


Posted on April 12, 2017 .