DED - "Remember The Enemy"

"REMEMBER THE ENEMY" - DED - Music Video Review

Written by: Tori Otamas


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Forget how they hurt you, but remember that fucker's name. DED welcome you to "Remember The Enemy" in their brand new music video. 


A message of realization and a "fuck you" attitude, we are brought into perspective of understanding the truth in reality outside of our sick fantasies of how good others and/or things may seem. Now that the truth has surfaced, the suffering is to end. A revolution in confidence, tenacity and nerve take over to allow you to forget about everything, and just soak up the resilience and cut off the bullshit and bullshitters. DED invites you to be ruthless and remember those who fucked you over- the enemy, but pleasantly assure your character that you are better than the painful treatment. If you want a quick overview of how DED feels about their enemies, be sure to replay 1:38-1:40. Words of encouragement, such as, "it's fucking time to get up", "can't kill me now, I'm done with this suffering", allow listeners to feel comfort in a time of dismay. 


With strong grit and fortitude, the vocals ring with power. Screams so clean, the guitars lick it (get it- haha). Speaking of which, the guitar riffs and licks are so low, filthy, dark, and catchy. They add to the fullness of the track with raging fills. But the true highlight, aside from the vocals, is within the percussion. The drums add that edge, flair, and include a unique call and response style with the vocals. Those ringing cymbals echo throughout the chorus provided fullness, while the sassy syncopation completes the track. The instrumental is overall dark, fearless, mysterious and horror-like, tastefully contrasting to the bright and vociferous vocals.


The music video itself was exquisitely executed, thanks to the creative master Fred Durst. The color scheme was cold, complimenting the meaning within the piece, even if not intended. However, the video is straight fire! Being inclusive of all members a great amount was also noted! Energy is roaring, the imagery is immaculate, creepy, and captivating. Nu Metal is not dead, Nu Metal is DED. This video receives an easy 10/10. 



Posted on September 13, 2017 .