Song Review

Written by: Lexie

Hailing from Tempe, Arizona the badass band DED has a sound that is sure to appeal to all kinds of metal lovers 🤘🏼

In their latest song "FMFY," available to hear on Spotify, has a fierce, heavy sound that draws you in from start to finish. The intense, high-tempo instrumentals and mix of gritty, unclean vocals with clean vocals is reminiscent to Motionless In White, so if if you're a fan of MIW, "FMFY" is definitely worth a listen. 

The lyrics of this track perfectly encompass the anger and frustration that come with dealing with hellish people. "Fuck me and fuck you too" are surely words we can all relate to, and this song is sure to purge all of your hatred and negativity. Beyond that, the song has no hidden meaning or deep metaphor -- it's all on the table and in your face. If you need a loud, fiery song to get you through your day, then this may be it! Overall, the song earns an 8 out of 10! If you haven't heard it already, head on over to Spotify to give it a listen!

Posted on February 16, 2017 .