Dead Rabbitts - Dead Again


Dead Rabbitts - "Dead Again"
Written by: Kass

January 23rd saw the release of Dead Rabbitts's new song, "Dead Again", the first song since the 2014 album, "Shapeshifter". The song holds a very serious meaning that several people can identify with. It's about foolish ways that people try to deal and cope with pain.

It's a terrifying realization that continuing in self-destruction through substance abuse will result in a downward spiral. It's also catching yourself in the midst of that bad habit and having the inner strength to pull yourself out of it.

The title of the song and some of the lyrics, such as "I'm dead again, my life will never be the same again" symbolizes what pain does to you. It either changes you or breaks you. By saying you're dead again, it's recognition that the pain is taking over and you're not dealing with it in a healthy manner.

Craig Mabbitt's signature heavy oriented vocals are present on this track and they are something fans of Escape the Fate and Dead Rabbitts will recognize and love. The chorus is relatable and easy to sing along too, giving those who don't primarily love just the unclean vocal aspect.

Each verse is fast paced in both musicality and lyrics. The drumbeats will hook people and keep them actively engaged in the song. Overall, the track earns an 8 out of 10! "Dead Again" is available now for pre-order on all platforms as is the album "The Emptiness", which is set to release on Valentine's Day 2017! You do NOT want to miss this exciting release!

Posted on January 25, 2017 .