Dave Hause - Bury Me In Philly


Dave Hause - "Bury Me In Philly"
Written by: Lexie

Tired of listening to the same, exhausted music and looking for a new sound? Dave Hause's brand-new "Bury Me in Philly" may be just what you need! Though officially labeled as a rock album, "Bury Me In Philly" utilizes varying tones and influences that are sure to please many!

Most of the album is uniform in tone and delivery, as many of the songs are upbeat and lighthearted in content. Songs like "With You," "Divine Lorraine," and "The Ride" are typical feel-good tracks with just enough edge to appeal to a wide range of music-lovers. "The Mermaid" and "Helluva Home" have country-esque influence, further expanding the album's potential reach. "Wild Love" turns the tempo and tone down, having a more intimate sound. This track nicely contrasts with the rest of the album, bringing in a bit of diversity and bringing a sense of closure to the whole collection. Immediately following this song, the album is closed with its same-titled track. "Bury Me in Philly" is very much a solid rock-grounded track, with gritty vocals, an ardent tone, and instrumentals to match.

Overall, the album earns a 7 out of 10. Want to hear it for yourself? Head on over to Spotify to hear the full album, and let us know what YOU think! If you like what you hear, you can the own the album by heading to iTunes and purchasing "Bury Me in Philly" TODAY!

Posted on February 4, 2017 .