Danny Worsnop - Mexico


Danny Worsnop - "Mexico"
Written by: Lexie & Reagan

It's not a new concept for musicians to transition and evolve their sound. For Danny Worsnop, this transition was to country.

Worsnop's new music video for "Mexico" is certainly true to the form of contemporary country music; the light hearted lyrics fit perfectly into the country music played on the radio today. With a slight twang to his voice, his residence in Texas has become apparent. He's taken a big step away being the English, heavy, Asking Alexandria vocalist, and is now a southern country man. The simple drums, the clean mix of acoustic and electric guitar, and lyrics speaking of being out on the long, long road, make for your cookie-cutter country tune. It seems that Worsnop's goal of entering a new genre has been achieved. It's a far cry from where he started.

While the theme of the song doesn't have much depth, it doesn't really need to -- it's just a feel-good piece about having a fun time, a few drinks, and some passion.

The video portrays the same kind of carefree attitude as the lyrics, featuring a beach, sunset, bonfire, and good times. If you're a lover of country music -- this may be right up your alley! Overall, I would give this song and video a 6 out of 10, and praise it for its enthusiasm and good vibes!

Haven't checked it out yet? See for yourself by visiting Earache Records' YouTube channel! Let us know what YOU think!

Posted on November 2, 2016 .