Danny Worsnop - Don't Overdrink It


Danny Worsnop - "Don't Overdrink It"
Written by: Kassandra

It's definitely bottoms up for Danny Worsnop in his new song and video for "Don't Overdrink It"! Spoiler alert: He overdrinks it and it's fucking hilarious.

If you are going to make bad decisions, at least have fun while doing it! Danny Worsnop takes on the role of a man in a bar who shouldn't be drinking. While performing the song, shot after shot of liquor slides down the bar, into Danny's hands.

The video is the purest form of irony you can conjure up. While telling yourself not to overdo it, you put yourself in that situation to do it anyway. Lyrically speaking, the song tells us not to do one thing while doing that thing. Hypocritical and confusing!

Musically speaking, this song brings out your inner country redneck and lets it loose. The piano can clearly be heard in the background, playing a tune that is popular in a majority of country songs. The vibe given off as Danny sings and the way the words flow give it a country sound.

Overall, it was a great song and a hilarious video! To see Danny step aside from something as heavy as Asking Alexandria to as calm and collected like country music is a huge change. The variety gives us a look at both ends of the spectrum and gives fans a chance to see Worsnop in a different light.

'Don't Overdrink It' earns a 7 out of 10 rating! It's something that may not be for everybody and will take some definite getting used to. 'Don't Overdrink It' was taken from the album, 'The Long Road Home and can be pre-ordered now at www.earache.com/dannyworsnop!

Posted on January 21, 2017 .