Cry Venom - Vanquish The Demon


Cry Venom - “Vanquish The Demon”
Written by: Miguel

It’s finally here! The neo power metal band, Cry Venom, released their debut album, “Vanquish The Demon” and it is sure to satisfy your ears with the skillful instruments and Aleksey Smirnov’s dynamic vocals.

The Prelude kicks off the album with a catchy upbeat synth sounds, thanks to Colton Majors, and underlying guitar tracks that displays Jacky Vincent’s magnificent fretboard mastery. This track alone sets the expectation high when it comes to the instrumentals in the album.

The second track, “Wolfsbane” was the first song that was released a few months ago that gave the fans a taste of what’s to come in this album. The melodic solos between Jacky and Colton are mind blowing, however, the lyrics are lackluster.

The title track, “Vanquish The Demon” follows in the same footsteps by having phenomenal instruments, and the vocals are also amazing. This is a common theme throughout this album but there are also times where Aleksey’s vocals don’t seem to quite fit with certain parts the songs.

Overall, “Second Blade” and “By My Side” feel weaker compared the the other songs vocally, but they both have superb solos.

“Kiss The Blade” stands out as it takes more of a softer rock approach with some added flares in the guitars and Aleksey takes his vocals down a notch which delivers a calmer but still powerful sound.

“Stronger Than Steel” has a catchy and soothing chorus and it also features the talented guitarist, Syu, who laid down some excellent guitars for the song along with Jacky Vincent.

“Return Winter Shadow” is the softest and calmest song on the album and it helps with the pacing since it gives the listener something different.

The verses in “Heavens Melody” don't stand out much, but it gets more interesting as the chorus kicks in. This is the same case with the 9th track, “Unchained”.

“Diamond” is the last song and the longest, spanning just over ten minutes long. It closes the album perfectly as it takes more of a soothing approach in terms of the vocals, but it still keeps up the usual power metal sound in the instruments.

Cry Venom’s debut album gets an 8.5 out of 10. The lyrics, while not bad, can be improved upon, but the instruments in this entire album is nothing short of fantastic. They have released something unique with “Vanquish The Demon” and we cannot wait for them to go on tour so we can witness these songs performed live! Pick up the album on iTunes and let us know your thoughts.

Posted on December 16, 2016 .