Cry Venom - By My Side


Cry Venom - “By My Side” 
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Kassandra

A few months ago, Cry Venom released their debut song, “Wolfsbane” and they entered the power metal realm with full force. Now, they have released a new song, “By My Side”, which takes a slightly different approach by adding in different elements into the song. It takes you from a magical thematic sound, similar to what you'll hear in a video game, then the speedy guitar shredding comes in followed by some guitar chugging.

Unlike the usual songs in the power metal genre, “By My Side” adds breakdowns and heavier guitars. It feels a bit out of place combined with the typical power metal vocals from Aleksey Smirnov, but they at least took the risk and brought something new to the table.

Aleksey hits a lot of high notes vocally, and he even throws in a few growls in the breakdown. Jacky Vincent’s guitar skills shines throughout with his melodic shredding, and combined with Colton Majors' insane keyboard skills, it just shows how talented each band member truly is.

Overall, “Wolfsbane” is a more solid song but “By My Side” still holds up on its own and gets an 8 out of 10. Cry Venom’s upcoming album, “Vanquish The Demon” has no release date yet, but we are surely looking forward to it!

Posted on November 2, 2016 .