Civil Youth - "Conversations"

Album Review

"Conversations" by Civil Youth

Written by: Karalynne

Somewhere in Philadelphia, a dark and beautiful sound rang out from a home studio. It was the sound of “Conversations”, the third full-length album from Civil Youth, being created.  With growling guitar riffs, thundering drums, enchanting electronic elements, and complex layered vocals, “Conversations” was born. Though Civil Youth are still in their infancy as a band, their long list of achievements would have you think otherwise. With their 8th U.S. tour in the works, radio plays on 134 FM Radio stations, and opening performances for acts like Twenty One Pilots, these young men are quickly becoming well-known and seasoned performers. In a perfect blend of pop punk, indie rock, and hip-hop, Civil Youth is taking the country by electronic storm!

Coming in fast, the album welcomes you with a digital pop punk feel that progressively transitions through heavy guitars and percussion, and later, softer more melodic ballads. It is a unique blend that leaves fans struggling to place Civil Youth into a genre, but never-the-less hooked on their unique sound. With the underlying pop element, one would be surprised by the less than upbeat themes of the album. These themes include and tackle a variety of mental issues including personal demons, doubt, depression, anxiety, and self-struggle. They are themes with which the band is familiar, and uses often.

Civil Youth brings meaningful and important topics to listeners with the gentle padding of catchy and creative music. To experience this for yourself, make sure to grab Civil Youth’s new album, “Conversations”, available today! It receives a spectacular 8/10 stars for its unique sound and powerful messages, and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Posted on April 19, 2017 .