Bring Me The Horizon - Oh No


Bring Me The Horizon - "Oh No"
Written by: Lexie

Need a song to get you through a heartache, but don't want to feel down and out?

Bring Me The Horizon's "Oh No" may be what you need! The song's video was released earlier today, and the overall piece is quite the experience!

To begin, the band is a recording studio, performing the track. All of the portrayed contributors to the production of the song are focused on their work, while the band continues to play. Meanwhile, a daunting man -- who later seems to carry himself as either a manager or producer -- in round sunglasses is seen in a dark room, causing evident distress to another man, who is bound. The helpless, bound victim seems to be pleading the boss-man, over a mysterious wooden box.

Our antagonizing character shows no pity, but gets distracted when he has to give direction in the recording studio. He eyes the band critically as they perform, clearly having high expectations of their work.

During this time of distraction, the formerly-bound character runs off with an unknown object, while the wooden box remains in its original place -- but opened. Upon noticing the captive missing and the box open, our manager/producer and his men chase after the escapee until he trips and drops the unknown object. 
The aggravated boss reaches down to examine what was dropped, and we see that it's a strange, small, pig-like creature -- which is playing a miniature trumpet.

The little pig-performer is immediately taken, as it seems to be admired as a potential source of profit, a commodity. This little scene seems to allude to how easily performers in the industry can be dehumanized as money-making objects.

The video ends with the manager/producer having the strange creature, while BMTH and the studio's crew enthusiastically finish up their work.

Though the video is unique and pretty shocking, the lyrical content seems to be unrelated; the song appears to convey a failed romance, particularly in lines like, "Don't tell me you're happy/Cos this isn't love/So be careful what you wish for/Who you trying to fool."

The music is similar to most of today's pop music -- a quality that has been received by BMTH fans in various ways. While some enjoy the more pop-driven sound, others found it to be unsettling. 

I would personally give this piece -- overall -- a 7 out of 10. The video was a bit unusual, but it was unique and attention-grabbing. The song may stray from BMTH's former sound, but I think it works with today's music, and is extremely catchy.

Haven't checked it out yet? Head on over to the "BMTHOfficalVevo" YouTube channel and let us know what YOU think of the new sound and the video! If you like what you hear, you can listen to, and purchase, it -- along with the rest of BMTH's album, "That's The Spirit," on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

Posted on November 3, 2016 .