Blessthefall - Dead Air

Music Video Review

Blessthefall - “Dead Air"
Written by : Abbey

Blessthefall may be gearing up for a tour and new album release, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing onward with their 2015 hit album “To Those Left Behind”. Though it’s been a year and half since the initial release, the band teamed up with director Mathis Arnell and dropped a brand new music video for “Dead Air”.

    The band has admitted their love for the Star Wars series and wanted to pay homage to it by theming the music video after the most recent addition, Rogue One. The music video flashes between warehouse scenes, which are lit dimly by the cracks in the walls, to the hot and sweltering scenes of a desert. Portraying a love story and a desperate need to escape two advancing assailants, two lovers are running for their lives. As they approach a motorcycle in the distance, the man hastily leaves but not before leaving her with a strange cube. As they separate, she is left alone, seemingly forever. She roams the desert for hours until nightfall, until at last she’s found him again and their love can live on.

    The video itself is very cinematic, not necessarily telling the story of the song, but still telling a story through the video. The scenes are eye catching and breathtaking but overall don’t really make sense or connect to the music itself.  Although the band wanted to drive this home as a Star Wars themed video, there are very few similarities between the movie and the music video. For those very reasons, this music video receives a 6/10. Be sure to catch Blessthefall on their March Of Madness Tour this spring, and be on the lookout for an album release in the future!

Posted on February 27, 2017 .