Black Veil Brides - The Outsider


Black Veil Brides - "The Outsider"
Written by: Tori

Stronger than ever, fire within us is burning proud with the return of fiery and sizzling Black Veil Brides! When fans thought the only surprise would be a photo with the five covered in warpaint, they didn't foresee the excitement that'll hit them harder than a bus. BVB, today, released a brand new single, titled "The Outsider". Creating a defining moment for the band, they settle in between their heavy BVB IV and their anthem-like Wretched And Divine album- finding a sweet spot. But boy are you in for a thrill-ride. Invigorating and vitalized leads, noteworthy melodies... Damn, John Feldmann, their producer, brought out their most artistic side yet! 

Though this track didn't showcase Christian Coma's, a.k.a. CC, profound drum skills, it still was entertaining, percussion wise- stylistically resembling a pop-like influence. I'm sure that within their upcoming fifth album, other tracks will make up for it🤘😉 It is true to being a flaring guitar showcase while also revealing frontman, Andy Biersack's, enhanced vocal abilities- being the most clear, concise, and sharp it has ever been! With interesting Christian imagery, BVB provoke the message of being an outsider that is their own dependency, that lives life fully- creating themselves to be who they want to be even if they are an outsider to others, believing your own thoughts, not allowing someone else to manipulate; alongside the message of not needing to justify who you are to anyone. This heavy rock, influenced with metal flair is your new addiction.

Noteably - we cannot forget to mention these guitars solos, man... holllyyycow! Jake Pitts' creative flow just unleashed and blew away the universe! Check it out... a gift from them to us, this holiday season ;) 🎄❄ Though a release date hasn't been yet released for their fifth album, we are able to wait patiently inpatient with this booming new track. "The Outsider", found here for your ears' pleasure 😉:

Posted on December 21, 2016 .