Asking Alexandria - "Into The Fire"

"Into the Fire” - @askingalexandria
Written by: Kass

 AA has dropped a brand-new music video and single titled, “Into the Fire” and all the hype surrounding the release was well worth the wait! Follow Break Free as we head straight ‘Into the Fire’! 

This newest video is nothing short of sinful, yet powerful and packed full of adrenaline-fueled dare devil stunts. It’s Sin City meets Fast and the Furious!

The drumbeat can be faintly heard through the effects, but after a few seconds it kicks into overdrive – literarily and figuratively. A black Mustang kicks into gear as the beat drops and we see Danny Worsnop behind the wheel. The heavy drumming and the gritty ‘whoa-oh’s’ take center stage and create a rhythm that’s easy to follow.

 This entire track showcases Danny’s clean vocal range in several different aspects. At some points, his vocals are packed full of raw emotion and come off as shy and fragile. His vocals change again, but become powerful and strong. Nobody needs to worry! Asking Alexandria isn’t going soft, nor have they forgotten their signature – that beautiful musical breakdown right over the bridge.

 Shot completely in black and white, the video may be too graphic for some, viewer’s discretion is advised. Not only does Danny run that beautiful car all over Hell’s half acre, he was also involved in multiple car accidents, high speed chases, and he hit Ben Bruce, leaving his dead body in the road. The video ends on a cliffhanger that raises all sorts of questions! SPOILER ALERT!

Two identical cars are shown racing towards each other, playing chicken with the other. Neither moves out of the way and they collide in the center of the intersection. Slow motion effects render the time to slow down and you watch the whole accident in slow motion. As the video ends, you don’t see who was in the car, if they were okay, or what happens. A screen pops up at the end and says, “To Be Continued….” Does this mean more videos? Does it mean more singles and concept ideas? We have no idea, but it has us burning up with questions!

Asking Alexandria earns an 8 out 10 for their creative work. The new album will be debuting on December 15th, but they have yet to release any other details. We don't even get a name! We can’t wait to see how hot the rest of this album will be! Stay tuned with BFC for future details/reviews/news! You can now get a digital download of “Into the Fire” through iTunes and Amazon! PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING! When you purchase this single through Amazon, it will come with an additional track, a radio edit of the single, which shaves nearly 30 seconds off the original version.

Posted on September 23, 2017 and filed under Music Video Review.